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The Meridian double corrugated hopper combos are an efficient and economical storage solution. We manufacture our

own hopper cones and supply a full line

of aeration products. And we can deliver

your bin right to your farm yard

These bins are available pre-built up to 7,082 bushels, ready to deliver with an ease of transport. 

We provide the entire line of Meridian Double Corrugated hopper mount and flat bottom grain bins. 

Larger hopper combos with capacity over 7,082 and up to 10,500 bushels ship in two parts and are installed on site. These bins come with options such as staircases, aeration and more. 

Standard features

list features

Additional options available 

Horizontal Aeration Fans, this design enables easy of the aeriation fan for cleaning or fertilizer storage. The screen is continuous from end ot end the 24"rib spacing maximizes aeration area. 

Sidewall and Roof Ladder

Our standard ​inventory has the following double corrugated Bins

3513 bushels Storage

4135 bushels Storage

4920 bushels Storage

5999 bushels Storage

7082 bushels Storage

9702 bushels Storage

10,500 bushels Storage


For special requests and orders please contact our office more details. 

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