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About Us

Janzen Steel Buildings was formed on March 11, 1986 by Henry Janzen. Prior to 1986 Henry had been part of his father’s small construction company doing concrete work and steel buildings in the Saskatoon area. 

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The company grew quickly in the early days and became much more diversified in its scope of projects. JSB has tackled all aspects of construction and has become one of the most highly experienced and recommended contractors in the industry. Since the 2000, JSB has constructed over 135 pre-engineered steel buildings, plus countless other residential, commercial, industrial, and community  projects.

In recent years, Henry’s two sons, Mark and Lloyd, have begun to take on operational and managerial oversight of the company. They grew up working alongside their dad and have a thorough understanding of what has made JSB the outstanding company it is today. They will lead it well continuing to build on the core values of trust and integrity and value that have guided and shaped this company for the past 35 years.

Henry & Marlene Janzen

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